Online complementary courses


Grades 9 to 12 students: take the following courses online from anywhere (all you need is an internet connection):

  • CALM - Career and Life Management
  • Phys Ed 10, 20, and 30
  • Religious Studies 15, 25, and 35

Important dates:

  • June 30: Mandatory orientation for all online courses
  • June 30: Online courses begin
  • Complementary courses end on July 20
  • July 23: Online courses end (no extensions) 

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Core Courses - Blended Programming

Students attend daily until they have finished the course work and written their final exam. Early completion is possible.

These courses are completed in a classroom at SACHS* so that students can access materials online, but work one-on-one with a teacher in the classroom to provide personalized supports. Exams are written onsite.  Diploma Exams are written in August.

*Generally our students attend daily.  We expect that if we are not able to have students attend daily, that students are working at home, during the same hours as the teachers (8-1:30pm). It will require 5-6 hour days and regular and frequent contact with the teacher, to complete the core courses by July 23rd.

Important dates:

  • June 30: Core course starter session
  • July 2-23: Attend at SACHS. 

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Classroom- and Gymnasium-based Courses



We offer the following core courses in a traditional classroom or gymnasium:

Phys Ed 10 - MCHS and SACHS - Finish PE in 6 days - CANCELED - still available online.  See above.
Math 10 Common - CANCELED
Religious Studies 15, 25, and 35 - CANCELED - still available online.  See above.

  • Start date for all core courses: June 30

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