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Registrationi for Summer 2022 is now closed



Is it possible to take more than one course in Summer School?

Students can take one core course or two complementary courses.

Core Courses (Math Science, Social, English) - can take one core course

Students are allowed to take no more than one core course in summer school - no exceptions.

Online Courses - recommend two courses from the following list:

  • CALM - Career and Life Management
  • Religious Studies 15, 25, 35
  • Phys Ed 10, 20 or 30

Students taking online courses will only be approved to take a maximum of one core course or two complementary courses (CALM, PE, Religious Studies) If a student finishes his or her online course(s) with time left in the summer session, he or she may request to take another at the time of completion of his or her original courses. If Summer School administration deems it is possible for the student to finish another complementary course in the time remaining, then the administrator may approve another course at that time.

Summer School Fees

Registration Fee:                                        

* No Registration fee for students who are younger than 20 years of age as of September 1, 2021.                                         

* $550.00 per student 20 years of age or older as of September 1, 2021.

Additional Fees:                                                                                                        

* Textbook deposit (if required) of $150 (refundable upon return of textbook prior to July 27, 2022 or day of Diploma Exam)        

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our FAQ page for more questions about Summer School.