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Take a Core Course at SACHS

Currently in High School?

We offer core courses too.  See a list of core courses here.

Core course classes begin on July 2nd with a mandatory Core Course Starter Session (from 8-9:30 am) and will run until July 24. You can finish early with dedication and hard work. Expect to be working with your teacher for 5 hours a day, and to potentially spend time working on the course in the evening.

All core classes will be on-campus this year at St. Albert Catholic High School.  Much of this time will have students accessing their learning materials online. Teachers will be giving mini-lessons throughout the day.  Students can finish their courses early with dedication and hard work.

Students will spend 5-6 hours per day at SACHS which will allow them to have regular and frequent contact with the teacher, to complete their core course by July 25th.  Missing one day of courses is like missing a week in a semester, therefore students are not able to be absent for even one day.

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